Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sweet Potatoes with Porcini Gravy

This is a copy from Nigel Slater's recipe on

But as usual with cooking I'd recommend a slight variation to it.

What you need

  • 1 onion
  • 1-2 table spoons of flour
  • 2 table spoons of olive oil
  • salt, pepper, thyme (best if fresh)
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • package of porcini mushrooms
  • 400 ml water
  • 200 ml white wine (dry)
  • creme fraiche


  • Sauce pan
  • quiche form
  • bowl

How you do it


  1. put the dried mushrooms in a bowl and cover with white wine. 200ml should be enough
  2. let rest for at least 30min
  3. after 30min, put 400ml of water in a sauce pan and bring to the boil
  4. pour the dried mushrooms with the white wine into the sauce pan and cook for 5 min
  5. take sauce pan off the cooker and pour all of its content back into the bowl
  6. peal and chop the onion
  7. clean & dry the sauce pan and put 1 table spoon of olive oil in it
  8. heat until the oil is hot pour the chopped onions in it. 
  9. Add some salt & pepper.
  10. you need to cook the onions for 12-13 min. Stir while they're cooking.
  11. The onions should be golden brown.
  12. Then put the 1-2 table spoons of flour in the sauce pan. Stir for ca 3 min
  13. slowly pour the mushroom/water/gravy mix in it while stirring. Do this step by step - so that at each step the sauce has a chance to thicken.
  14. when you poured all of the mushroom/water/whine mix in - continue cooking and stirring for ca 5min.

Sweet Potatoes

  1. Put the oven on 200 C or gas mark 6
  2. peal the sweat potatoes and cut in 5mm chunks
  3. put the cut potato pieces in the form
  4. sprinkle salt, thyme, pepper and a bit of olive oil over them
  5. put in the pre-heated oven and let bake for ca 30min

Voila: get the potatoes out of the oven and place on a plate. Pour some of the gravy over it and a tea spoon of creme fraiche on the side.

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