Sunday, 17 April 2016

Farro Fennel Salad

This recipe is from The Guardian:

What you need

  • farro 150mg
  • 1-2 fennel bulbs 
  • 1 red onion
  • cucumber
  • cherry tomatoes
  • halloumi cheese
  • flat leave parsley, a small bundle of fresh mint leaves, and some fresh oregano leaves
  • salt, pepper, sugar
  • sherry vinegar, olive oil
  • 1 litre of water


  • mixing bowl
  • salad bowl
  • skillet
  • sauce pan

How you do it

Marinade the onion

  • chop the onion and put in a small bowl
  • take a good tea spoon of sugar
  • pour 3 table spoons of sherry vinegar over it and mix.
  • let it rest and start preparing the rest

Prepare the Farro

  • put 1 litre of water on the boil and pour the 150g farro in it
  • let cook for 10-12 min
  • pour content in a sieve and rinse the farro
  • let cool down

Prepare the Halloumi

  • a table spoon of olive oil in the skillet and heat up
  • slice the halloumi into 5mm thick slices and put in the skillet
  • brown on both sides.
  • take of the cooker and put the grilled halloumi on the side to cool down

The rest

  • chop fennel bulbs
  • quarter the cherry tomatoes
  • cut the cucumber into little cubes
  • chop parsley, mint and oregano
  • cut the pomegranate and extract the seeds
Now all veggies into a salad bowl and season with a little salt and pepper.
Then pour the farro and halloumi over it.
Finally the onion/sherry mix.
Give it a good stir.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Parmesan Bread Pudding With Broccoli & Bacon

This is a post from a magazine. I tried it and it is very nice comfort food. Easy to prepare.
Here is the link:

What you need

  • bread. You can use old bread - it soaks up the milk/egg mix better
  • 4 eggs
  • broccoli - medium to large head
  • small red/yellow pepper
  • garlic clove 
  • oil, salt, pepper
  • bacon or pancetta, sliced
  • milk (not semi skimmed/skimmed)
  • parmesan


  • skillet
  • baking form
  • bowl

How you do it

  • preheat the oven to ca 175 - 180 C (fan should be ca 170-175C)
  • wash and cut the broccoli into small chunks.
  • chop the garlic and wash/slice the peppers into thin stripes
  • put some olive oil in the skillet and heat up
  • add the garlic for ca 30 sec then add the sliced peppers for another 30 sec before adding the broccoli.
  • I also added 1 or 2 slices of the bacon to it. and if you like you can pour a little bit of white wine into it (a table spoon or so). 
  • cook for ca 5 min and then let cool down
  • chop the bread into little cubes
  • add milk and the 4 eggs into a bowl and season with pepper, salt. Then whisk 
  • grate the parmesan until you got ca 2 cups. Add one cup to the milk/egg mix. whisk again
Now we got everything ready - let's prepare the form

  • put a layer of chopped bread on the bottom of the form and add a bit of the broccoli, garlic, pepper mix.
  • then another layer of bread and veggies. Continue this way with the rest of veggies/bread
  • pour the milk/parmesan/egg mix over the filled form
  • place the bacon stripes over the top
  • sprinkle the rest of the grated parmesan over it
  • place into preheated oven and cook for 50-60min