Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Schlessische Mohnkloesse (Silesian Poppy Dumplings)

This desert takes me back to my childhood days, when on Christmas Eve my late grandmother would bring this absolutely delicious dish with her. Hailing from Wroclaw (formerly Breslau) it apparently is a traditional Christmas desert. Schlessische Mohnkloesse (Silesian poppy dumplings) are some kind of bread pudding.

This dish should be prepared 1 day before eating it.

What you need

  • 2 pints of milk (not skimmed/semi-milk)
  • an old/dry loaf of bread, or old bagels. They should be dry
  • 200-250g poppy seeds
  • vanilla. It pays to get the vanilla pods - the taste makes all the difference
  • 200g sugar
  • raisins or mixed dried fruit
  • 200g almond flakes
  • a pinch of salt


  • a simply pot and something to stir with
  • a glass bowl
  • sauce spoon

How you do it

  • pour the milk in the pot and heat
  • while heating extract the vanilla from the pods. This should be a dark/black paste. 
  • put the vanilla and the sugar in the milk and stir.
  • add the pinch of salt.
  • When the milk is on the boil add all the poppy seeds and stir.
  • Put heat on simmer and cook for ca 15min. Stir while cooking
  • after 15min add the almond flakes and let it all simmer for another 15min.
After 30min, the poppy/vanilla/milk/almond mix is ready. Put it aside for now. It should rest for another 10 min.

  • In the glass bowl, lay out the dry bread at the bottom. Make sure the the surface is well covered. Add a sprinkle or raisins and dried fruit to it.
  • with a sauce spoon stir the pot with the milk/poppy seeds and slowly cover the first layer of bread with the milk/poppy/almond mix
  • add another layer of bread/raisins and repeat until all milk/poppy/almond mix is used up.
If the glass bowl has a lid put it on. Otherwise cover it with aluminium and let it cool down.
When sufficiently cooled down, put the covered glass bowl in the fridge.

It should be there overnight - or at minimum 4-5 hours.

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